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Taxis and Private Hire Cars

    Taxis and private hire cars complement other forms of public transport available In the Yorkshire Dales. Whether you have missed the last bus, want to go off the beaten track or get home safely after enjoying a Dales hostelry, taxis can be a great solution.

With three or four people sharing the fare, it's not expensive and can make a real difference to a day or night out.


All taxis and private hire cars should be licensed by local authorities across the Dales. Look out for the licensed plate on the vehicle and the driver's licence badge.

Local companies

For full details of local operators take a look at the list of Taxi and Private Hire Cars (Opens in new Window) Firms are listed under the name of the place they operate from.

How much will it cost?

Taxis will always have a meter, which records the mileage, and passengers are charged accordingly. There may extra charges for late evenings, public holidays and for additional passengers and baggage. It is advisable to ask for an estimate of the fare when making a booking.

Private Hire Cars on the other hand do not have meters and you should agree a fare when you book. Below are some sample taxi fares; private hire car fares may be higher.

Example faresApproximate distance1 person3 people sharing
Kettlewell to Grassington6.5 miles10.5km£11.24£3.74 each
Bainbridge to Hawes4.0 miles6.4km£6.60£5.54 each
Dent to Sedbergh5.5 miles8.9km£12.06£4.18 each
Ripley to Ripon7.5 miles12.1km£15.10

£5..04 each

Note these are typical fares for Jan 2011 and that there are some variations between districts within the Yorkshire Dales. Public holiday and late evening fares are charged at a higher rate.

Method of Payment

This is usually made by cheque or cash to the driver on completion of the journey. Drivers are most unlikely to accept payment by credit or debit card.

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