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Large Vehicles & HGVs

Driving an HGV or other large vehicle at any time requires extra care and in the Yorkshire Dales this is even more important.

Even A and B roads will be narrow and there are many narrow and weight-restricted bridges to be aware of.

Our advice is to plan your journey carefully and to use the Dales Advisory Road Hierarchy as your guide keeping to category 1 and 2 roads wherever possible..  You can consult a copy on our Dales maps map page (details also provided there about obtaining your own copy).

Unless you require access to a property in the Dales you are best advised to use the trunk road box around the Dales formed by the A59, A1, A66, M6 and A65.  For journeys from West Yorkshire to Lancashire use the M65 and M62, M60, M6 rather than the A65 which is a much slower route.

Avoid category 4 and 5 roads unless you have assessed the route in a smaller vehicle first or have been advised that your destination can be reached with your unit.

Many category 5 roads will have width restrictions and are too narrow for a large vehicle even for access.

Category 3 roads are also best avoided at busy times and if possible you should follow the one way system recommended for large vehicles in our Dales Advisory Road Hierarchy.

Pay particular attention to the gradient of roads as many Dales roads and passes have some very steep and dangerous ascents and descents.

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