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Roads in the Dales

Roads in the Yorkshire Dales are generally narrow with frequent bends and they are often lined with dry stone walls.

Always be on the look out for animals, walkers and cyclists. Road in this area have been categorised into a Dales Road Hierarchy and we've produced a map to help you plan your journey.

You can download a copy of this map from our Dales Maps section.

Where possible please keep to roads in the higher categories.

Road categories:

  1. Suitable for all traffic.

  2. Suitable for buses and coaches but larger vehicles may have difficulty in passing some locations.

  3. Car drivers should take extra care due to narrow sections and tight bends. Suitable buses and coaches outside peak periods only and best avoided if possible. More suited to minibuses.

  4. Drivers should be aware of oncoming traffic, especially on single-track sections. Unsuitable for buses and coaches; may be possible in a minibus.

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