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Action Energy
A government-funded programme, helps businesses and public sector organisations save money through energy saving.
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Bus Users UK
is an independent group which was formed to give bus passengers a voice (formerly known as the NFBU).
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Campaign for Better Transport
The Campaign for Better Transport (formerly known as Transport 2000) helps to create transport policies and programmes that give people better lives.
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Commission for Integrated Transport
The role of CfIT is defined in the White Paper as 'to provide independent advice to Government on the implementation of integrated transport policy, to monitor developments across transport, environment, health and other sectors
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Sustainable travel to the British Countryside
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Eco Travelling
EcoTravelling offers a unique reference point on environmentally friendly travel.
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Empty Roads Website
Empty Roads - the UK's leading sustainable transport guide for people wanting to enjoy car-free travel.
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Environmental Transport Association
A campaign and lobby group that also provides breakdown services for car users
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Future Forests Carbon Neutral
On this site you can 'neutralise' the contribution you or your business makes to global warming. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are one of the main causes of global warming. And we all produce it from almost everything we do - from running a business to boiling a kettle.
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Green Fleet Advisory Service
provides the necessary fleet management guidance and evaluation for organisations wishing to run a more efficient business fleet.
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is the fastest growing independent oil company in the UK, with specialist expertise in biofuels and low carbon technologies
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Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
is a clearing house for information about health and safety, engineering, advocacy, education, enforcement and access and mobility.
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a division of the Energy Saving Trust, is working on behalf of governments to improve the quality of our environment.
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Travel Calculator
This calculator has been produced to encourage everyone to reduce the environmental impact of their travel.
Web Site:
A one-stop shop for all your travel awareness needs, this site features news and campaigns in the UK and Europe, advice for schools and businesses, and a directory of travel awareness professionals.
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Young TransNet
uses IT and the Internet to assist children and young people in transport research and action.
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