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Arriving by car?

    Many scientists now believe that burning fossil fuels like coal and oil contributes to global warming by releasing more greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than can be absorbed by living plants. Climate change could be disastrous for us all and it's certainly one of the greatest threats to the wonderful landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.

One 50 mile car trip into the Dales produces about 10kg of carbon dioxide. That’s equivalent to 10 bags of sugar! Travelling by bus or train you could reduce the amount by over a quarter. Travel by bike and there’s none at all!

Given that just one 1.4 litre car travelling 12,000 miles per year will, on average produce 3.12 tonnes of carbon dioxide, it's clear that we all need to think about driving and flying less if we want to reduce the impact of climate change. 

Travelling by bus or train obviously results in less greenhouse gas emissions and is more sustainable and using a bike is even better, so why not check out the Rail and Train and Bus Services sections of this website for more information about how easy this is to do?

If, however, you do need to travel to the Yorkshire Dales by car, you will find that the area is bordered by major trunk roads with the M6 skirting the west, the A66 to the north, the A1 to east and the A65, A65, A59, A629, M62 and M65 to the south.

You will find plenty of information on road conditions (including our Dales Road Hierarchy), driving tips and car parking in our Driving in the Dales section along with some top tips on how to give your car a holiday once you've got here. 

Remember - even if you travel here by car, there are plenty of other fun ways to explore once you've arrived.

You might also want to consider reducing your personal contribution to global warming by attempting to compensate for  unavoidable emissions through various carbon neutral schemes.  Trees can help fight global warming by naturally absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen and organisations such as The Carbon Neutral Company (link opens in new window) will organise for the carbon dioxide associated with your car journeys to be 'balanced out' by forestry and climate friendly energy projects which save equivalent amounts of carbon dioxide. Visit their website to find out more.

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