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Bus Service Destinations - Short Stay

Good ideas for day trips and short stays in the Yorkshire Dales using public transport

In this section, we’ve selected over 30 Yorkshire Dales destinations which can be accessed using public transport.

If you don’t have your own transport you may find these locations to be best suited for a short overnight stays or day visits, as they tend to have less facilities and more limited public transport links than some of the towns and villages we’ve listed in Destinations – long stay. Check that section out if you’re looking for somewhere to explore for a little bit longer without your own car. Alternatively, if you'd like to spend a few days walking from place to place, have a look at the Long Distance Routes in the Walking section of our website.

Each of the entries below gives a brief overview of the facilities and attractions you can expect to find there along with some suggestions for local walks and details of local transport links.

In this section...

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